Depends what it’s for. Most people I know have built their own as you can do way more with them. I helped someone with a LaserShark based one about a year ago:

Basically a lasershark, a laser (with blanking) and two high-pps galvo’s will do you

But you can buy things off the shelf too

You’d probably want an ILDA compliant laser

And pps (points-per-second) is the measure of how fast the galvos are, and thus how complex the vector patterns it can sustain are too

You can build a decent one for ~£250

Oh, and you want blanking because otherwise you’ll just draw a continuous line instead of separate shapes. You tend to damage the laser by switching it really fast, so an LCD shutter is in the beamline instead.

Oscilloscope: “Rigol DS1024 if you want large and fancy, DSO Nano if you want pocket sized and less fancy.”

“Mount it all on a bit of aluminium plate and jobs a goodun”

“Laser projectors are pretty easy to build though, high-ppi galvos from eBay, laser with blanking from aliexpress (or eBay), lasershark board.”

GitHub - jhawthorn/vecx: vecx vectrex emulator - sdl port

‘Lasers capable of TTL or 0-5v analog modulation’